Together we achieve & succeed. Together we make a change.

“As once said by Thomas Paine, WIF too believes that it is not in numbers but in unity that our strength lies”. We invite women across the glove to join hands with us to learn the art of being a self-leader and then to continue on a leadership journey that will not only empower the self but communities at large. Join to learn, experience, expose and to give back.

Membership of WIF is offered in different facets & WIF will accept as members those who have fulfilled the requirement of membership.


  1. Anyone (YES ANYONE!! men or women) who is 18 years of age or above; can become a member when:
    1. He/she agrees to the objectives of the association,
    2. Is willing to pay a contribution, and
    3. Is willing to give professional or necessary voluntary service to the association and submits an application for membership.
    4. Universities, colleges, schools, and other institutions may become members of the association. They will initially be admitted as student members and then subsequently absorbed as general members
  2. The association has different levels of membership. These include,
  • Honorary members – offered time to time to celebrated individuals in the core areas of concern as recognition of their work and as prestige to WIF. Honorary members will also be considered for advisory council appointments or as consultant/think tank contributors for WIF. 
  • General members (associate members) - WIF provides associate membership for individuals who are competent with the eligibility criteria to qualify. WIF members are required to go through a special curricular and CPD programme to qualify as members of WIF. 
    • To be a general member of WIF following will need to be fulfilled 180 hrs of training and 1 year of voluntary work with WIF 
      • Skill pillar training – 60 hrs to be completed
      • Mental agility – 60 hrs to be completed
      • Knowledge pillar training - 60 hrs to be completed
    • Student members 

These are offered to anyone who is attached to a schooling system and are minors (under 18 years) and upon completion of the general membership requirements, they will be offered the general membership. The work of the student members will be limited to student/school activities within the scope of WIF. 

    • Volunteer members 

These are offered to anyone offering services on a voluntary basis and are assisting on a temporary basis. This is offered to anyone from the general public whose services are needed by WIF on a temporary basis and are offered for a period of 1 year. They can apply for general membership upon the completion of the required conditions.

  • Benefits/Privileges offered to WIF members
      • Participation at WIF local and international events 
      • Personal and social development opportunities
      • Regional chapter establishment and networking opportunity
      • Leadership development opportunities
      • Coordinated negotiation support
  • Membership fees 
      • General Membership Fee: Rs. 1200/-
  • Conditions of the Members
    • A member cannot make use of her rights and benefits unless she pays the contribution or provides services that are expected of her 

“To become a member or to get more information on how to become a member, write to us on”.