“Women’s International Foundation (WIF) is a social enterprise establishment set out to promote the advancement and wellbeing of women through empowerment. WIF takes a strategic approach to empowerment which focuses on three pillars of economic, social and personal empowerment of women”.

Thereby all programmes, concepts, techniques and tools used focuses on the three pillars of empowerment. This is a holistic approach to development of women which WIF will further improve through empirical research to consider as a model that can be used and practiced across the world as the tool for women’s empowerment. Around the 3 pillars are the supporting pillars of women leadership development and the fight against violence & harassment against women. Knowledge, skills, attitude building, opportunity creation and networking sits at the heart of the three pillars as operational tools and methodologies. Also assisted are the economic and social research and collaboration to provide a holistic, integrated approach to the development of women which WIF visions to champion.

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